Sunday, December 19, 2010


This past few months, I've felt quite disoriented. Didn't know whether I should be keeping up with the old group that doesn't seem to care about each other anymore or should i start joining the new group that welcomed me for who I currently am. I never expected to be stuck in the middle of this conflict, in fact, I promised to myself that "them" from the old group would be my priority over the new ones that I'll be having in college. 

Being stuck in the middle means that I won't be able to keep my promise to myself anymore. It's not that I don't want to keep this promise, it's just that I can't keep it anymore. I did put a lot of my effort in trying to bring my old group together, which by the way never occurred since we started college due to personal stuff, or hectic schedules, or their own new-found groups. Those factors made it hard for me to keep them on top of my priorities, despite that, I always hinted a lot of signs to them, telling them that I'm always here, waiting for them to acknowledge my efforts for them. I always wanted to have at least a little time to catchup with one-another, keep one another updated on what's happening in their life. We still had quite a bond over the past years, so I guess it's alright for me to rant bout this stuff. They've been telling me that I'm always this "emo" or "soft" but, what can i do?

It's just me wondering.. "San na nga ba ang Barkada ko ngayon?"

San na nga ba ang Barkada - Spongecola

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