Monday, July 25, 2011

I Finished a 10k Run without Giving Up Halfway through it.

Rexona Adventure Run 2011
Guess what happened to me last July 25, 2011, Sunday at the Mall of Asia in Pasay! I survived my First Ever 10k Run! YEAH! It was the Run sponsored by Rexona Philippines, entitled Rexona Run 2011. Though I had a pretty long time (1:49:08 to be exact) running, What matters to is that I was able to finish the Run without incurring any sprain, cramps or even fading of my consciousness or in short, fainting. 

I had the Bib number 11067, which I had to claim early in the morning from a pretty chick who is one of the organizers of the event *Thanks to our good friend, JR*. And pretty much waited till the start of the run.

After quite a while, The run started and pretty much exposed me on a new world. It was my first time to run with thousands of people; from young to old, from men to females and the variety. I saw a lot of different expressions on their faces, some were dead serious on the run, others were just chilling, and i think i'm one of those guys who chilled. LOL. But seriously, I think the run made me realize how hard it was to overcome some challenges in life. Why? it was because I came to a point in the course of the run wherein I was thinking of just quitting the run and return to the starting point. I think I was very much affected by my mindset of giving up whenever my body can't really take anymore of the fatigue which i was gaining. But good thing, I recalled the song of Justin Bieber, "NEVER SAY NEVER" (Thanks to the random dude who appeared beside me who played this song on full volume on his iPod). It gave me some sort of a motivation to finish the run and give me some experience which I am currently proud of. I felt some sort of achievement when I reached the Finish Line, saw some photographers taking shots of the runners who finished the race, And just then did it strike me that.. 

"I finished a 10k Run without Giving Up Halfway through it.. :)"

So I encourage you readers to join me in the upcoming runs that will be held in other areas. When you see a chubby dude with a shaggy hair and a Wayfarer-ish kind of glasses, don't be shy and approach me. You never know, we might end up as running buddies for the other runs ;) 


  1. Hi Ram,

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  2. Please take note of the correct address:

    602 Sedcco I Bldg., Rada St., Legaspi Village
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    Thank you so much! :)