Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sudden Goodbyes.

Have you ever thought of going back in time to do everything that you weren't able to do when He was still alive. Have you ever tried so hard not to cry when it was already his time. Have you ever felt full regret when you realize it is time for a final goodbye.

Sudden Goodbyes tears ones heart apart. Sudden Goodbyes make ones mood go all around. Sudden Goodbyes are just so unbearable. It makes one lose their selves and shed those unwanted tears.

If only there is some kind of way, to predict their so called endings, There won't be any need for numerous heartbreaking scenes. If only predicting the time of their "good byes" are easily discovered, There won't be any need for a tearful separating.

If only it was that easy, There will never be a need.. For these Sudden Goodbyes.

"GOD BLESS YOU. Lolo Conrado. May the perpetual light shine upon your road to Heaven"

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