Sunday, August 7, 2011

Food, Movies and Booze.

This Saturday was a little bit different compared to the previous weekends. Went to Green hills and spent some time reminiscing the good old days, when we were still strolling the whole Green hills Shopping Center and the Promenade. I'd like to return to those days and chill with those people who I was with before. After some time,  Met up with my friends in-front of Happy Lemon, where I found so many "conyos" chilling. Even heard some parents critique the products of Happy Lemon.

We then ate a really feisty dinner at the America's Best Chicken, Bon Chon. Was able to eat around 6 cups of rice for a serving of 2 Chicken Chops. LOL. What is Hunger? After the dinner, a random and sudden decision was made, We decided to watch The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Come to think of it, It was my first time hitting the movie theater with my friends from Team Legit (That's the BBM group we made. LOL) 

We watched the Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Man, it was awesome. At first I thought I would just sleep during the movie, but I got so much interested, I almost forgot that I have my fly open the whole time inside the Theater. Nevertheless, The movie still rocked out a lot. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just skip on writing stuff that are related and part of the movie. "NOOOOO~". LOL. 

We then decided to drink a few beers after the movie so we went to the house of our friend, which was a couple of steps away from Greenhills. Drank about 3-4 bottles of Mucho sized Red Horse, while talking about random scenes from the movies and the happenings which occured during the movie. Like, when I got to see the face of the chick on my left side since we were able to have an eye-to-eye contact due to some misunderstanding between me and my friends (THANK YOU POPCORN!). Her face was like glowing in the dark by the way. LOL. This drinking session was a little bit unusual. I know that I can still drink more beers, yet my body makes me fail to do so. I guess all the fatigue which I incurred over the week is catching up on me. Why? I don't want to brag but, I am still not drunk yet but me eyes are already hinting that I should sleep already. So my friend CJ offered to close the drinking session already and start going home.

On our way home, I was supposed to be conversing with CJ but, due to my fatigue plus the effect of the beers, I guess I fell asleep more often than not. Because I remember being in a certain area and then closed my eyes, after around a minute or 2, I suddenly woke up in front of my village. That should not happen again since it quite unpleasant and shameful; unethical to be exact.

Upon reaching home, I got stuck outside our house till my brother came. All our entrances were locked, so we had to go around to the back door. Woke up our maid to open the door for us and Voila~! I am able to compose this one! :D LOL.          

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