Monday, August 15, 2011

Cooled Off.

Well. Shit happens when you least expect them to happen. When you think things are already going your way, some people are always there to block your path and cause some major problems unto you. Like what happened to me yesterday. I don't want to blurt out some personal stuff here since it might cause some stuff. So yeah, I'll just share how I managed to chill-out and cool down this intense situation.

Wide Smiled on this large-sized cup of coffee
Firstly, I managed to do some tasks for my academic and non-academic involvements in my university. It took me quite some time, but yeah, I still finished most of em. Then chilled at this coffee shop with tea leaves. LOL. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves. Met some friends who sneakily provides me some words of encouragements. After a while, they left and I was able to spend a few hours of pure "coffee" experience. 

After which, I went to the house of one of the closest guys to me. Spent some time watching the Game 4 of PBA while munching on Good Food. Namely, Sal (Korean bacon), Pork Barbecue, Nilagang Baboy, and the Diet Pasta. LOL. Afterwhich, we watched GGV (Gandang Gabi Vice) while drinking shots of Red Horse Beer. What caught our attention during the show was this kid who was multi-talented. No Jokes. He can sing, dance, rap and do comedic antics. All of us believe that this kid will be successful if he pursues the entertainment industry.

After the said program, we were still drinking some Red Horse. The show "Believe" of Eric Mana, one of the most unbelievable magicians in the Philippines, was aired. We were amazed at his crazy tricks and talked about how unbelievably good Eric Mana was. LOL. We were like sitting kids watching you're typical Magic Show while sipping on some Slurpee (except our drink were shots of Red Horse). We got into the mode where we wanted to be able to do his tricks at the moment, but after a few minutes, we just went back on being our selves and just enjoy the drinks and foods that were in front of us. Some time passed and we finished our last bottle, and decided to go home.

With all the things that happened today, both written and unwritten on this blog, I believe that whatever triggered my anger switch on yesterday was definitely beaten and cooled down my system. :D

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