Monday, August 29, 2011

Road Trip.

Yesterday was insane. Never thought that a simple trip to Tagaytay could turn into one of the best and most unforgettable trip ever. Well, it was definitely the one of the few moments to go on a road trip with dudes who were munching sandwiches during the whole ride. If you know what I mean. LOL. Was able to reach the destination due to our driver's intense Traffic Avoidance Skills. Very impressed with the chill weather outside. Actually, it was slightly storming. A few broken branches of various trees and drenched ground welcomed us at Tagaytay.

Then, went to chill at Starbucks while waiting for our other friends who got stuck in traffic. Where we smoked in a no smoking area, outside the shade when it was raining a little bit, and the light on the sticks keep on getting off. LOL. A few moments later, our companions arrived then went off to a marketplace to eat a semi-lunch, semi-dinner. Bulalo. Adobong Pusit. YUMMMM. Solid Food Trip. Then, yeah. We returned to the road right after eating, straight to the Town House of Poch's ninang. Greeted by a very strong wind, rain, and some intense jokes on the missed moment during the trip to munch some sandwich. It was an intense experience to brave the storm to drink. And munch. HRMM. It was really the Highlands that time. Intense Storm. Great Company. GSM Blue Shots. and Good Sandwiches. Yummeh!

One of the best Road Trips. Ever. Indeed. 

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