Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I've been getting this weird dream related to certain "heights" this past days. There's this dream about a "chase" on the tallest building I ever saw, and there is this one about jumping off a building, and a falling tall tower. I don't know why I am having this weird dreams, but whenever I get them, I always wake-up after the "climax" of each dream.

The last dream was quite gory though. I think my mind fabricated a semi-real happening quite well. Since it was about people jumping off a building, there were quite a lot of blood involved. Like there was  this scene where a kid suddenly jumped from the 4th floor of a this certain building, I kinda experienced his fall, I heard the impact, saw the blood all over the place, and a semi-dis-configured face which I believe was due to a face-first landing. I didn't want to remember that dream very much yet I can't forget those scenes of blood and shit. After this scene, the setting of my dream changed, it became a very familiar place, it was a view quite similar with the view that we have from our balcony at my house. 

At the new setting of my dream, there was one thing out of place though. A tower-like TV which is shaped like a sign-board of the "this way" please. Somewhat like the image at the right, just change the box-thingy into a TV screen like the one from the Big Apple.
Anyways, going back to the dream, so there was this big tower-like TC at this house at the street across our house. I was with four individuals and one of them vaguely looks like Gab. One of my buddies in real life. We climbed the tower-like TV, and inside that specific building, we chilled like a boss.

After a few moments in that tower, it felt somewhat wrong, like the tower was swaying. I tried bending over to a direction, and I was right, the tower was really swaying, though it was a dream, it felt like I was really there on that tower. The four of us desperately tried to make it balanced once again so that we won't make the that tower go "TIMBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER". But after some tried of making the tower stay standing, It fell. Surprisingly, when the tower fell, no one was hurt, I don't know if this was due to the fact that it was only a dream or not, but it was definitely an experience worth remembering. 

Good thing, unlike most of my other dreams which I easily forget right after waking up, I didn't forget this set of dreams. The dreams about different scales of Heights.

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