Monday, December 5, 2011

A Floody Sunday

Wow. It's been ages since I last updated my blog. I went on a hiatus for  about 2 months due to a very demanding workload of my academics. But I guess I'll be updating my blog more often now, since the 2nd term of my 3rd year in DLSU is nearing its end. 

To start off, let me share some stuff that happened to me today. Let me begin at the part when I woke up. It was around 12 noon, a very typical time of starting my sunday. I BBMed my friend CJ (YES. I currently have a BB or a Black Berry, add me up on BBM if you also have one! My Pin is 222B917C) that he should send me a message as soon as he wakes up. Why? coz I have to pick some documents from his house for my TREDFOR Finals Paper. After an hour, I received a GO signal from him that I can already go to his house. So immediately prepped some of the things which I will be bringing to his place, a camera, my iPad, wallet, and the chargers for my gadgets.

Freaking Flood at Antipolo
As I reached the vicinity of his house, I immediately went and said to myself, "HOWLI MADER PADER..". Why? It's because of the freaking flooded streets. I was forced to go down my car, and wait for my friend CJ somewhere in that area. I waited for around 20 minutes under the shed of a tindahan ; or a "mini-convenience store" in english, and encountered a number of roaches. Some suddenly appeared on top of my feet, another set randomly flied across the street, some were swimming on the flooded road. I was like a freaking statue at the place where I was standing. 

So I had no choice but to find another place "SAFE" and roach-free. I decided to go to the nearby street, and thank goodness! It was not flooded and had a very comfy shelter. No roach or any other thing that would suddenly appear from out of nowhere. I waited for a few minutes till I received a call from CJ telling me that he is already there. I immediately went to where he was in order to escape the accursed flooded street. After that floody waiting, I was finally able to reach CJ's crib. Upon reaching his house, he told me to clean myself up, sanitize the parts of my body that got exposed in the flood, and dry myself asap to avoid any sickness. After which, we went on the search for all the files I needed. We browsed some photo albums, folders, and found some surprising photos of CJ and his brothers when they were kids.

Upon finishing the tasks for my short visit, we then chilled at the master bed-room while watching an episode of Junior Master Chef. Some time passed, and we then left his house since he had to accompany his younger brothers to their parents for a party somewhere in Makati. He first brought me home where I prepared my laptop and some files for my Paper, then he went straight to their parent's office.

Around an hour passed, he called me again, informing that he is somewhat near. Well, for the next few moments, we chilled at a Cafe near their place. I'll be posting another post since it is more appropriate to dedicate a separate post for a "TASTY COFFEE SESSION".

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