Monday, December 5, 2011

Casa Feliz Cafe

Casa Feliz Cafe & Pastries

After being stressed by the sudden flood on the road, what made my day so GV was this visit at Casa Feliz Cake & Pastries. At first glance, their venue would look somewhat "formal" but once you are able to purchase your order and grab your seat, you would be able to immediately feel the ambiance of the being "HOME". All their waiters and waitresses were very accommodating and would immediately approach you upon noticing that you are calling them or waving at them. They serve you with delicious pastries plated in a very attractive way, and last but not the least, The people at Casa Feliz are all very nice and caring.

What made my visit here more special is the weather awhile ago. Though it was slightly drizzling, I was able to feel very comfortable and somewhat "AT HOME", or perhaps, "VERY MUCH AT HOME" because not too long before I was able to reach our seat, I immediately slipped. To my surprise, their waiters and waitresses immediately assisted me and asked if I was hurt somewhere, they also immediately apologized for the slippery floor. 

SeƱorita; Oreo Cheese Cake
Aside from their impressive workers, I was also able to help myself with a serving of two of the most delicious cakes I have ever tried! First and foremost, when I saw the way they plated their cakes, I was like "Whoaah.. Dude, This establishment knows their thing!". After getting over the amazing way of  their plating for their cakes, I immediately went for a taste-test of my Oreo Cheese Cake. Man, the way the cake melts in my mouth really satisfies my cravings for a legit dessert! Despite being a picky person when it comes to sweets, Casa Feliz was able to amaze me with an Oreo Cheese Cake with the smoothest texture and a sweetness close to perfection which I have ever tried.

A Slice of Pistachio Sansrival

Next up was CJ's Pistachio Sansrival. At first, I was reluctant to have bite from his cake because it was nicely presented, but I just had to take a small bite in order to fulfill my sudden craving for sweets. As I placed that spoonful of his cake in my mouth, It felt like a festival of flavors was occurring inside me! It had the right amount of sweetness at first, then a hint of crunchiness and some kind of delicious flavor would follow as you start eating it up! This cake truly an amazing masterpiece made by the Pastry Chef of Casa Feliz!

Over-all, Casa Feliz was not only able to surprise me with their hidden flavors, but also impress me with the incredibly comfortable ambiance of their establishment and their superb customer service. I would definitely make this place one of my IDEAL Dating spots!

Credits to: 
CJ Arriola for endorsing this place to me

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