Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Remember the day when I ran 10k at the Rexona Run 2011? Well guess what! A week ago I discovered that I won an Online Writing Contest of Fuentes Manila! LOL. I won P7000 and a gift pack from Rexona! BUT. The thing is, they notified me on my blog around 2 months ago. So I got kind of lost in despair since the prize which I was supposed to receive might have been invalidated already. BUT Thank the Gods! It was still available and is just waiting for me to pick it up in their Office at Makati! XD

I went to the office of Fuentes Manila yesterday, December 5, 2011. Met with the nice lady who informed me that I won their contest. Then she presented my reward to me, P7000 Cash, and a bag full of Rexona Deodorant. After some signing here and there, I Grabbed my cash and gift pack with a big smile on my face. and headed straight to my school! 

Treated my officemates at the Council of Student Organizations with some Ice Cold Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream and some bread. Some made Ice Cream Sandwiches, and the others got contented with scooping some ice cream and eat it immediately. 

Then just awhile ago, I treated my brothers and my sister with a little feast from Mc Do. Each of them had a some value meal, hoping that my Luck would not end with the 2nd Place in an online writing contest, but would extend to the P50,000 promo of Mc Do. XD

Well, I guess everything went well today since my overdue reward turned our to be some helluva blowout!

Credits to:
Khey-em Caringal for the pictures

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