Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday Shot.

My Birthday Shot
Half-full Glass of
Johnny Walker-Black Label
Spent a great night of non-stop eating, drinking and chilling with the boys of the gang. Man. I friggin have a headache at the moment, but nevertheless! My 19th birthday was ozum. What made it more ozum was this friggin shot of JW-Black Label. 

I won't ever try to drink a half-glass of Black since it just made my tummy turn. LOL. First puke of the 19th year! Looking forward to my 20th next year! :D

Thanks to my supportive parents, to the people who remembered my birthday, even if it is hidden of Facebook, and to the guys who went and celebrated last night at my house. :D


  1. Na-reach mo ba yung 20k tweets mo? :P

  2. Yup! sobrang gulat nga ko na umabot ng 20k last night eh :))