Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Vibe.

Today was one tiresome yet, a very fun day. Despite waking up early to go grab some stuff at the market, doing a lot of house choirs since our maids went on a vacation, cooking a lot of food for the so called "Noche Buena", It was all worth it. The Christmas Vibe here in the Philippines is especially unique compared to the other countries. Since most of the people here are family-oriented, you would see a lot of gatherings, reunions, and the like. Some can't be present in the gathering so they find other means such as calling their loved ones, or even Skyping with them. In our case, a simple gathering of us 7 in the family over a humble meal; nothing too grand, just a simple meal cooked by ourselves defines a Christmas of the Medrano family. After the Noche Buena, comes the awaited opening of the gifts. The youngest in the family usually segregates the gifts according to their receivers, after which comes the contest of comparing the amount of gifts that each of them got. Well, for me though, despite receiving a handful of gifts this year, it is much better than receiving mountains of gifts that are just given for the sake of having something given. I know, I got fewer gifts compared to the other kids of my generation, but at least I know that I received gifts from people who truly loves me. LOL.

I initially thought that I'll be quite sad for this year's Christmas since I started being SMP or "Sawi at Malamig ang Pasko". Well, who knew that I would enjoy this Christmas. All I needed was the company of my family and some fun activities together. *ehem* Cooking *ehem*.
By the way, throughout the day, I have been receiving a lot of group messages greeting me a Very Merry Christmas and such. So I made this Card for all the people who greeted me. Hope you all would also have a Very Merry Christmas with your families. 

Oh, and a little bit of advice for those single guys out there just like me, Don't forget that even though you are still single at this time of your life, it does not necessarily mean that all your Christmas would be "colder". Always bear in mind that you still have your family and friends to give you the "warmth" and "love" that you have been yearning for. You never know, maybe on the next Christmas, you would already have someone else to celebrate your Christmas with aside from your love ones.

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