Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Man. I'm quite stuck in a dilemma right now. I dunno what to do anymore. Firstly, I have to do something bout my grades. I have this intention of running for a certain position in BMS. But, it requires a CGPA not lower than 2.3, but my CGPA is already playing around 2.352. CRAP. I shouldn't get any 0.0s for this term if I'll really run for a position. It's so Effin HARD, i wanna Die.
Next up is my fitness. I've been pigging out ever since I've stopped my diet last summer. I think I gained more pounds this year compared to last year. I really need to make an effort to run around somewhere and shed at least 20-30 pounds to be back in my old-usual frame. I don't want to be branded as a Fat bastard you know. I've had those times already, and I don't want them back again.
Another thing. I'm going legal in the next few days. My Plans? NONE. I've made quite a few of em', yet I keep on changing them. Man, all I really want on my birthday is some good ol' chatting and drinking with my closest buds. But due to the drama and issues coming up here and there, I don't think i'll be able to have a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" this year. Prolly the most MEDIOCRE one the i'll have in my 18 years of living in this world.
It's hard making this freaking decisions.
No wonder, there are always MULTIPLE CHOICES in tests. You've gotta make-up your mind and do that shit. 

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