Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Desolate Moments

Image grabbed from Pete's Blog

At some point in one's life there will be times wherein one would feel the want to be detached from reality or be deserted by the people around them. Isolated from the crowd. Forlorn of companions. Basically, Alone. Being alone can be caused from tons of reasons. Probably you are a loser, but I hope not. Maybe you're just naturally Emo, but not to the extent of wearing all black, with the emo hair and chain accessories. Or you just really wanted to be left alone for some reason. One cannot really assume immediately why a certain individual wants to be alone. But based from what I have seen and experienced, some people tend to be alone because they feel left out. Some just want to have some space from their "incredible" life. Others are probably going through some things in their life. A good number have undergone continuous bullying or discrimination from their schools or workplace.

Though some "alone time" might be what some individuals want for themselves, too much of these moments might cause a great deal of depression. Having too many desolate moments might be bad for one's health. As a saying goes, "No man is an Island", Nobody is supposed to feel "alone". I believe that God made our ancestors Adam and Eve as a pair because he did not want them to feel lonely and deprived of a companion. But if you cannot really interact well with other humans *which I really wish you don't*. There are animals that you can turn to. A study proved that having animal companions can lift a person's mood causing them to be more engaged and more interactive with their surroundings. Meaning, Pets might be able to help an individual to start blending into the society once again. 

I'm not saying that those people who want to be alone should change their mind and start mingling with others immediately. What I'm trying to say is that being alone can be sad or happy for some. But too much "alone" time is bad. So after your drama, or sentimental moments, be sure to spring back to the old you and start socializing with others again. It might be hard for some, but eventually, you'll get the hang of interacting with people. 

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