Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What a tiring day. Prolly one of the most hectic ones I guess. Never thought that I would be doing a LOT of things.
Oh! I haven't introduced myself yet ain't I? How silly of me.
I'm Ram by the way, I'm just your average teen that you could see wandering outside. A man of the "EAT.SLEEP.DRINK" lifestyle (I'm trying to change for my own good though). Studying at this "Green" school located along Taft Avenue, taking up Business Management as my Major.I am currently trying my very best in balancing my academics, extra-curricular activities, participation in my organization - Business Management Society, and maintaining a stable relationship with my friends - Qcumber Brunch.

I guess that sums up my Introduction? LOL. It's been quite a long time since I last blogged at this site i'll call as "X" (X is a symbol in Math). Hopefully, I won't be too lazy or too busy to blog and share some stuff that may be or may not be worth sharing. I also might shift to my native language from time to time as i'm not that good in writing in English, so yeah. I'm expecting to have more "RANTS" posted, mostly about my life and maybe about that roach, roaming around outside my room, or this Epic Event that I'm currently working on with my Organization.

I guess thats pretty much for my first blog after like 3 years? Oh well, I'm pretty much a Newbie in this stuff so please bear with me. :)

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