Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Teenage Drama is BV. Accounting is GV.

Today was kinda chill, arrived in school a lil' bit late cause of the intense traffic at Sta. Mesa. I think it was due to the this burning building somewhere round that place. I saw.. err.. heard some Firetrucks present around the vicinity. I woke up due to their noises. Well, knowing that i am such a lazy person. I just went back to dreamland.
I actually didn't expect such things to happen this day. I thought that today was just another day of my busy-bee week. Never thought that balancing my academics and extra-curricular activities would be this hectic. But what can i do? this is like the only way to divert my attention from the Teenage Drama i'm currently experiencing. Many of my friends have been encouraging me to do it but i'm not the risky person i used to be. I'm more of a careful person now compared to the previous me who recklessly dives into the unknown. I've been showing TONS of signs, that made me realize, "TUS nga talaga ako". Why? well, i have my own means of knowing it.
Moving on, Let's talk about some Good Vibes now. When I say Good Vibes, i mean GOOOD VIIIIBES. I just aced, well, not really aced it, but I got digits high enough to be considered as an "A" for people like me who are having difficulties with this subject.Wondering what subject I'm talking about? I'ts Accounting. What's Accounting? lemme tell you my definition of it:

ACCOUNTING - one of the HARDEST subjects that existed in my whole college life. It just gives students a hellova hard time! Involves a LOT of numbers and gives one student a massive HEADACHE.

Having high scores in this subject will really give one such a huge amount of Good Vibes. For me, having scores such as 70, 79, and 88 in 3 quizzes, it's really an achievement! An achievement that can be considered EPIC for the likes of me. To celebrate this achievement that I've attained, i'll be treating myself with a lot of good stuff on Friday. hihihi ^^

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