Thursday, November 11, 2010


I think i'm having this "can't sleep!" moments or the so-called "insomnia" nights once again. I used to have them almost everyday during summer. Well? who won't have one? I wanted to enjoy my summer as much as possible! So ain't it nice to have MORE time to enjoy a lot of activities?
I remember that theres a number of timess when I used to bug most of my friends during a chilly-mornight (around 1:00 am or so), asking them if they wanna hang out later at some mall or at someone's house. Most of them replies with a "WTF?" or a "Baket ngayon lang??". I learned from that time that I should be giving them an advance notice whenever I'll be asking them to hang-out. I really thought that my friends were really busy at that time, while I have almost all of the time in the world. I can't blame them. I guess they do have their priorities straight.
Good thing, There's always an alternative in keeping me occupied whenever my plans of hanging out with my friends gets cancelled or postponed. LOL. I just chill in my house, watch EVERY POSSIBLE Movie or TV Series that i didn't have the chance to watch during the School Year. I can recall watching the whole Gundam SEED, Gundam 00, and some other Anime Series during the Day, then go on a Movie Marathon at the Night.
One side-effect of this routine that still remains in my system, is that my body clock got ruined. I used to wake up at 4-5 am without any Alarm Clock or our maid waking me up. There were times that I almost got late with my classes due to my messed-up body clock. 
For example, NOW.
I should already be sleeping right now but I can't. It seems that my "insomnia" nights are making its return since the Christmas Break is nearing! 

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