Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today, was such a wonderful day. Went to school at 8-ish, only to find myself waiting in vain for my classes. I only found out that my classes from 9:40-11:10 ACTBAS1 and 1:00-2:40 were Free Cut when I reached our room.

At first I thought, "THANK GOD!". But when my classmates told me of the DEADLY amount of homework that we have to finish, i thought "OH NOOOOOO!". But still, it was a blessing in disguise for me. I suddenly had the urge to have my hair cut. So I went to this nearby salon known as "Hues", it's located in EGI Taft Towers. The gay dude who gave me my haircut was quite talkative though. He kept on telling stories bout his past customers and stuff. I felt very bored though. So when I closed my eyes for a while, I almost fell asleep. After a few minutes, my hair was done. 
I was SHOCKED. literally and emotionally or.. mentally?. Literally coz' I think the static electricity from his portable hair-cutting thingy hit me. Emotionally coz' i think i felt happy and satisfied with my new hair-do. Mentally coz' i think I'm seeing myself back during my "masipag" days.
This is me before the haircut. No styling of my hair. Just leaving it as it is when it's done drying. Liked this kind of hair coz' it's very open to different types of hairstyles. Even made me hide my eyes.
This is my current hairstyle. well, it's kind of plain but what can i say? "SIMPLICITY IS BEST". Will be experimenting with different kinds of styling to make my simple haircut into something extraordinary.
Oh! I also got myself some HEAVY treat from Burger King! as you can see in my pic. I just finished my meal over there. LOL. I'm so freaking full right now.


  1. Bakit ganun?!?!?! tangina nakakaburat! di ko maisip sinasabi mo yan! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA - love Edu