Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Great Weekend.

TGIF & God Bless Saturday! Two statements that best fit my weekend. I've had a fair amount of good vibes, experiences and fun things to record in my memory-lane. So let me vaguely discuss what I can recall to you readers.

TGIF! A day which I thought was kind of BV because I wasn't able to sign for the attendance in the BUZZorga contest. I kind of got pissed off because my excuse was really credible. It was really TRAFFIC in Ortigas to Sta. Mesa at that day. But yeah. My excuse wasn't considered by my Organization. BUHU. I'm kind of tampo na! *JOKE LANG!*
After the BUZZorga. Me and my groupmate, Pius, went for a short walk to SB (SpeedBytes), Hoping that we would be able to play some good rounds of DoTA. But sadly, there was no players during that day and time. So we went to MG (Mineski Grounds) instead. We were kind of excited at first as the players inside we're all hyped up by their own games. But due to some unknown reason. Our computers can't join the games hosted by the players inside MG. It was really BV that time. I wasted round P60 just to play some random games, and bearing with the jejemon seat-mate that I had, this jejemon kept on asking me to define what his so-called "girlfriend" in facebook says to the random posts in his news feed. Well, what can I do? I think I just had to be patient and at least enjoy the 2 hours worth of random games that my P60 was worth of, instead of idling around somewhere along Taft.
When my 2 hours of terror and boredome at MG has come to an end. I went back inside DLSU. to my surprise, I saw familiar faces of my friends. They were kind of exhausted due to the "CLASH OF THE COURSES" activity which I forgot to join. another BV. LOL. I think it was a good decision not to join the "CLASH" because I didn't bring any extra shirt with me, to make it specific, I didn't bring anything at all.
I wandered around the campus for a few more minutes, and I found the Bazaar CENCOMM, helping the Prod. Team with the props.

Jackie Capinpin helping the "Swirls"
In order to have something productive and meaningful to do. I joined the props-making. This was to kill-time till my meet-up with COMP1Bu groupies, and to help the Prod. Team with their work. Hitting Two Birds with One Stone~
It was really fun spending time with my current CENCOMM because we all have different personalities and backgrounds. making our group very exciting and fun to be with. I actually didn't expect them to be that "FUN" because they were mostly serious with their jobs. but who would've have thought that inside each of them, hides a jester of their own. LOL

We really did a lot of stuff for the Prod. Team that day. I can also recall doing some tasks for the Adver. Team, since it was really hard if RC alone did his Task of cutting the flyers. This was the time when the Harlequin was also having their practice. Their song was kind of relaxing and motivational at first, but after hearing it for more than a hundred times, I was literally shouting for a change of song as it was already irritating.
Anyways, after spending some quality time with my Org., I didn't notice that my groupmates for COMP1BU were already calling me. So, I had to go to the meeting place immediately.

We got to the place quite fast. LOL, Brisk walking Goodness. Well, we got to interview our very own groupmate due to some misunderstanding. LOL. Even though there were some misunderstandings, everything still did go well, we got to have some good shots of the interview and now we are doing lots of stuff for our Web Project and Company Project. 

Empi-lights with Paul in the BG
After doing all those stuff for the day. It's time to let some stress free. I went to the house of my good friend, Poch. We had some shots of Empi-Lights, Gran-Ma, and a lot of Fun moments. 
Oh, I got introduced to Poch's group of friends in UST by the way. As far as I can recall, they were Carol, Kata, Paul, JJ, MJ, Baron, Ivan, Dom, Mark, Jerome, Kamae, Dana and Sev. LOL. I can only remember their names. Can't really recall who owns each name that i've mentioned but even though I can't recall them, we all had a lot of fun that night! we did some intense dance showdown c/o Poch and MJ, Epic Food trip: I LOVE THAT CHICKEN-LIKE BANGUS!, fun story and experience sharing, then last but not the least, POKER GOODNESS. I think that was the only time which a poker table had two dealers at the same time. LOL. It was kind of tiring to deal for them. Since all of them were kind of hyped up since the cash in pot was around 300. In the last hands, it was already tiresome to just deal, so me and Poch had this super-sabaw idea of guessing the hands of the last two players by seeing the Flop, burns and the whole deck. 
In the end. Kaps won the tourney. LOL. it was a very tiring round. Afterwhich everyone bounced. It was around 1:30 am already when the game finished. and it was also around that time the Nix showed up. She came when almost everyone went home. The people left were Me, Inigo, CJ and Kaps. So we stayed for a few more minutes to be with Nix. We were kind of amazed by the card tricks that Nicole showed us. Who would've guessed that she knew how to do them. LOL. After some tricks and story telling. Everyone decided to bounce.
CJ decided to take Nix to her home so we kind of had no choice but to go with him since we're all game for a roadtrip. It was already 2:30 am when we got to Paranaque, and Nix wanted us to stay and chill for a few more minutes. We wanted to stay, but CJ wants to go home already since he was really tired. We had to say our good byes to nicole, and head straight back to the road. It was kind of fun and scary at the same time though. We were already reaching 120-ish km/ph at the road and our CJ was already kind of dozing off. LOL. We didn't let him sleep though. He even told us to slap him to keep him awake. Well, the main thing is, we all got home safely
It was around 3:30 am when I reached home. then I have this CWTS at 6 am. It was kind of suckish, but I had no choice. I didn't sleep till my Saturday ended.

God Bless Saturday! with no sleep at all. I went to my CWTS, or the so-called community service. I arrived at the Harrison Plaza at 6 am. Our jeep was nowhere to be found. LOL. So i had to wait for an hour for the jeep to arrive. When it arrived, the block which I have joined were slowly gathering. We had major sound-trip in the jeep while waiting for the others. One word to describe that moment, PEACOCK. I don't know why but that song just kept on replaying in Rachel's Ipod. I think this session was the only one which I really talked with the people in our jeep. I asked them bout the contest which their block and my class in BUSORGA joined, Well, i discovered from them that my class got 2nd place in the BUZZorga *NOIIIICE*. I also asked them to join our MV for Lasalista Girls pa nga eh. LOL. they replied me with, "wala kaming boobs~!"  EPIC. But then again, the main thing is that our conversations that morning was really fun and epic.
It was 7:30 am when we left Harrison Plaza. We had to go to Mc Do at Quirino to fetch 4 of our passengers, who were leisurely eating some fries at Mc Do. After getting them, we had to endure this hour-n-a-half ride in a Jeep which shakes a lot. To my surprise, my hangover didn't came to me. It was really surprising because from what I have known to myself, I am really weak when it comes to "HARD" alcohol. Is this a sign? LOL. I hope it's not.
After that long ride. We got to our community in Caloocan. The session for today was dedicated for practice of the performances, because the last session of CWTS will be next week.
We asked our pupils to show us what they got, and some really did show what they got. It was that moment where I discovered that the "epileptic" move can be made into a dance. LOL. but yeah, most of the kids were really talented. After some practice of the kids, we did nothing but to listen to chill music and joke around. After killing some time, our Facilitator told us that we will be dismissed early already *NOIIIIIIICE*. So we got back to our jeep and went back to Taft. 
After my CWTS, I had to print some documents for our Bazaar Hopping. Asher tagged along because he also needs to bring them for his assigned venue. After printing all the documents needed, Asher left, and I had to wait for my partner, Hiyesmin. She had this PERSEF2 thingie which ended at around 4. So I just slept my ass of at SJ Walk. It was a nice nap, one of the best ones that i had, probably because I was really tired and had no sleep yet, or the stored alcohol might have been reason behind it.
Anyways, when Hiyesmin's PERSEF2 ended, we went straight to Intercontinental Hotel for the Assumption Bazaar. When we arrived there, we were dumbfounded by the statement of the lady-guard, "bukas pa po ung bazaar na yun ma'am" LOL. So we went to Makati for nothing? Maybe not. Hiyesmin was asked by her BMS friend to host the Alumni Homecoming of BMS. She asked me to come with her.
Hoping that I would be able to meet and greet some Alumni of BMS, I did tag along since I had nothing to do. So we went to Greenbelt first, then she called her friend and asked for directions. Her friend told her to just wait in Mc Do but since we both wanted to go look around the stuffs inside Greenbelt, we went for a mini-window shopping. Me and Hiyesmin came upon this place in Greenbelt 5 when we were exploring that area.
Open Space at the Top
This area was like one of the best place to have a heart-to-heart talk with your best friends, a date with your girlfriend, and probably just to chill and have fun memories with your friends. We rested here for quite some time, till Hiyesmin receives the go signal to go back to Mc Do. I believe that we will be fetched by some person from BMS and that we will have some good stuff for dinner. But, everything got cancelled when they asked Hiyesmin of the the clothes which I was wearing. I was wearing a plain shirt and jeans and casual shoes. But the Venue requires corporate attire. LOL. That's how my night ended.

NOT! Well, since the plan of attending the homecoming was cancelled, I just went on a Window Shopping Madness and saw a lot of good stuff to invest my cash on. Well, to note some of the great finds I saw, I tried taking a picture of em' but utterly failed since the employees told me that taking pictures are not allowed. LOL.
So i'll just list some of them here. I saw this Plaid Blazer from Top Man i think, or was it at the Surplus Shop? It was quite nice since I'll be planning to shift from the usual chill-look to the smart-casual type of look. I also saw this very nice shoes from Urban Athletics, But I wasn't a fan of its brand name, "Acupuncture", so I had to pass this one out. In my Exploration of Greenbelt, I also stumbled upon this shop where it sells really nice bags, I forgot it's store name but I got so interested with one of it's designs. 

It was already 7 pm when I got tired and decided to go to Mega Mall to meet my Mom and sister. I took the MRT and decided to ride the one going Taft and will do joyride, so that I won't get hassled with the people who keeps on pushing and blocking the train doors. Knowing that it will be quite a while till i reach Taft, i took a nap. When I woke-up I was surrounded by girls. I just discovered that I got stuck inside the Women Only Cart. LOL. It was an Effed up experience. So I had to endure the womanity that surrounds me, till i could get off at Shaw Blvd. Station.
After quite a while, I arrived at Shaw and had to pretend I'm gay just to get out of the cart. Then I had to walk till Mega Mall.
My mom and sister were doing some shopping when I arrived. So I took the chance to buy myself a new pair of kicks.

Unltd. by Mark Ecko
White and Gold Pennings
These pair, are my second Ecko shoes. My first pair of Ecko, were quite over-used already so I guess it's just the right time to buy myself a new pair.

After this mini-shopping, my mom treated me and my sister with food from Hot Pot Noodles. It was sooooo Gooood, that when we got home, I immediately fell asleep. LOL. Anyways, to make the long story short, This weekend was so GV that I call it a "A GREAT WEEKEND".

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