Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Over, I Guess?

After a long week of stressful work and sad outcomes of staying up and out late at night. I guess it's finally over. I can now have more focus and time for a lot of stuff. Especially for our Bazaar, where we are already in our MOST HECTIC WEEKS.

Oh, i forgot to share nga pala. Our organization, the Business Management Society (BMS) will be having a Holiday Bazaar this December. Here are the Information that would help you have a background on what our bazaar is.

SEOULARIS: My Seoul in Paris
Holiday Bazaar

WHEN: December 4-5, 2010, 12 nn - 12 mn
WHERE: Hall 2 of SMX Convention Center
THEME: Seoul Parisian inspired theme, with a dash of Holiday Spirit.


I'll just rant some random stuff bout having a special lamp which sprouts a Blue-Colored Guy, NO it's not the guy from Watchmen, nor is it one of the Smurfs. LOL. Who else can it be? You're right! it's Genie~

Looking for my own Genie
Man, how I wish I really had a Genie who can make all my wishes come true. I would really wish that I was the sole winner of the 400+ million pesos in Lotto. Next I would wish for a friggin' awesome batch of novels/manga/comics turned to movies, especially the ones that i am currently supporting. Last but not the least (for now), I would be wishing for a tighter relationship with my friends. I noticed that my friends have been going on their own roads recently, making our bonding time lesser and lesser. I would really want them to have more time so that we can bring back the good old days where we were just playing around, teasing one another and enjoying movies or meals together. If only that could really happen, then I guess I can have more strength and courage to face whatever tomorrow brings me.

Well, i think that's all for today. It's to snooze as I have this NSTP tomorrow which starts at 6 till whoever knows what time it will end. LOL. A long day ahead of me tomorrow. This is the End. I guess?

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