Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 is ending in a few hours. It was quite a bumpy ride, but I learned a lot of things in life in this year's journey. I not only matured physically, but also mentally and probably emotionally. LOL. Scratch that last part, or at least make it a few cm. smaller. Dunno if I really grew in that field over the past months. If I did, I think it's only a few steps only.

Moving on, I experienced a lot of events this past year; getting drunk, wasted, failures, stepping up, flying HIGH, courting, studying like hell, getting up after a fall, achieving something worth bragging to everyone, created a song, listened to a friend's venting out of emotions, meeting new colleagues and friends, feeling stuck on a crossroad, getting lost, schedule conflicts, talking serious stuff with friends, advising someone about life, playing with fire, pigging out, dancing in a club, celebrating debuts, despedidas, parties and a LOT MORE.

Those experiences made me the person who I am now. Though I know there are some perks with the changes that occurred to me, but what can I do? it was inevitable. You can't expect someone not to change after being stuck in a new crowd. LOL.

2010 really did cause quite a stir in my life. I never expected to be like this in my whole 18 years of living my life.

So, now that the year is coming to an end. I want to make a fresh and brand new start. I wanna greet 2011 with a big smile on my face, and a mindset or belief that states; 

"I survived the hellish days of 2010, I hope that 2011 would be able to beat 2010's EPIC days and WILD encounters as I embark on another journey in life with a brand new start"

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