Sunday, January 2, 2011

Facebook-Off; Face and Books On!

Just deactivated my FB account a few minutes ago. Why? I guess its my own way of greeting this year. LOL. Facebook consumes most of my time in the house; those addicting Applications, never-ending comments/likes/wall posts, stalking some hot chick's profile, finding new stuff about other people through their status updates and the like. Well those tasks eats my time to rest, study, and going out to have fun.

This is one of my ways of starting a good and positive year, it is also one of the ways that I think will pull my grades up and escape those failures. Besides, I think Twitter and Blogspot will be more than enough for me since Facebook has gotten dull these past few weeks.

When will I reactivate? I'll probably re-activate my account on summer, or after a few weeks, once I've received my momentum in studying back in full throttle. Besides, I think i'll be spending more time outside instead of bumming in the house and just refreshing the Facebook tab waiting for some notifications from friends. Gotta find some time to shed the Holiday Weight that I gained and hopefully these flabs of mine would also have time to pack their stuff-up and travel to someone else's body. LOL

Gonna be more diligent and disciplined this time around, so that I could get the results which I am aiming for. No more dilly-dallying and will be more focused on the stuff that really matters.

"Facebook-Off; Face and Books On!"

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