Monday, January 3, 2011

Horror House.

Weird Dream. LOL. Didn't expect to get this vague one this night. It's still fresh from my mind. Wondering what type of dream it is? Well, to summarize this dream, let's just say that MOST if not ALL of the people who've made your 2010 special suddenly appeared in one of your dreams, and guess what? they'll be attending an event which you are organizing with your Organization. What event? a Horror House. 
Horror House
Well to kick off this story, I've had this semi-pleasant dream located in a random warehouse looking place. A team of several students of DLSU from my organization are running around the place, fixing the venue up by hanging those lights, props, designs and the like. Me? I'm standing somewhere in the middle wearing this casual clothes, with some costumes beside me. LOL. by costumes, I don't pertain to the Super hero-ish ones, i'm talking about some scary-looking ones. Right when I was about to move, the venue suddenly popped some freaking walls out of nowhere.

At first, I got owned by the sudden appearance of those walls, but then, some random people have been popping out of nowhere, think I got surprised? NAT. I was the one who gave them a big shock instead. Though I can see myself still wearing those casual clothes, I think those people got quite a shock since they didn't expect some random big guy to pop out of their sides to surprise them. LOL. As time passed, more and more people are beginning to enter this Horror House in my dream. At first, they were all strangers to me, but when this Guy who'm i'll hide with the alias, "EDU", suddenly appeared. I thought, "OH $#!t". Seriously. Who would expect to see one of your best buds in your freaking dream. LOL.

Then they all started popping out of nowhere. By "them", I mean, Most (if not All) of the people who'm I've met this past 2010; Barkada, Schoolmates, New Friends, Used-to-be Friends, Batchmates, Org-mates, Drinking buds, and some random strangers who looked very familiar. No jokes. They just started to pop out in this friggin dream of mine. I started to get freaked out when the people who'm I really didn't expect to see suddenly appeared. I know I was the wrong one for being such a fool and caused some distance between us, yet we were chatting as if nothing happened over the past year. 

Everything was going on smoothly for quite a while in this dream, meeting with more friends and stuff, when suddenly they stopped going in the ware-house. I wondered why, so I took a peek at the entrance. To my surprise, the entrance was frozen, as if time stopped for them. Then my surrounding started to get creepier and scarier. Cobwebs sprouting on the edges and surfaces of the walls and furnitures, Scary lighting has been applied as well, and to top it off Freaky sounds of door being slammed, glasses being broken, and Zombies moaning. And me? I got "crawled", yeah "Crawled". Meaning my costume crawled on me as if it was alive. LOL. Freaky right? well, when everything was done. Time seemed to flow again. I looked at the mirror to see myself as a friggin hunchback butler with a friggin bloated eye and bulging teeth. Everything felt almost real, it was like producing the next Big Scary shit after combining all those scary movies that was released this past 2010.

It was very freaky. Trust me. You won't like being stuck as a hunchback, surrounded by a very eerie atmosphere inside a friggin warehouse filled with people in REALLY SCARY make-ups/costumes. LOL. I guess it was my mind at work when the venue suddenly changed. All the Horror stuff disappeared and the walls fell as if they were cut by a lumberjack, they were replaced by lots of cloth designs being hanged by my Friends. This time, I don't know the occasion, I think it was still a school event since I saw some Brothers at work. When I was about to talk to my Good Friend in this setting, I suddenly woke up and ended this memorable tale of meeting and seeing most of the people in my 2010 in a not-so-fun and unexpected setting, the Horror House.

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