Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Week.

Man. This first week of school really took a lot of energy from me. I'm expecting to have one hell of a Third Term instead of a chill one. Oh well. I have a feeling that I have good professors this term so I think I'll manage. LOL. 

I started this term with a little hangover from drinking some Hard Alcohol at a friends house. I even thought that I won't be able to attend my morning class since it starts at 8 am. LOL. TO my surprise, I arrived 15 minutes earlier thanks to the cab that we rode. One boring thing though. I have a 3 and a half hours break after my first class. Now, I dunno if thats boring enough compared to a 10 hour break of my break. LOL. For my first break of the term, I spent it inside Speedbytes. Playing DoTA with some addict players. My next classes were quite boring at first. But I think it would turn out quite well since I've heard some rumors that they were fun professors.

Besides a semi-stressed start of third term. I think I got to enjoy my first (and hopefully not the last) Happy Thursday for this term. Got to drink and update with my friend from First Year. Man, those were some good times when we were still frosh students. We almost never left the Green Place during those days. But due to Academic reasons, we had to change and be more focused with our studies. My Happy Thursday ended with a bumpy ride on one of my good friend's car. I got quite dizzy with all those shaking and loud conversations they had in the car. LOL. I got quite drunk with all those beers from Green Place and Rooftop.

Regarding yesterday's activity. I just spent some Good Time over my friends house. Drank some beer, ate some nice food. And I tell you, the food were Great! HAHA! I passed the shots of Cuervo and Black Label though, I didn't want to have an upset tummy from mixing Beer, Lechon, and Pritong Bangus with some Hard Alcohol. We also had quite a good time with making fun of random stuff found in the house of my friend. Didn't stop laughing my ass out that night. Especially during our ride at the cab! THAT WAS EPIC.
I pity the Gay people who originated from Greece. LOL. HAHAHA! That story of our friend really made the night! I even saw our driver smiling from the statements thrown by my friend. HAHA!

Drunk and Wasted Times. Indeed. LOL.

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