Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Weird Thursday.

This Thursday is not like any of the past Thursdays I've had. I started the day with me waking up at around 4 in the morning. I was asking myself, "BA'T ANG AGA KONG NAGISING?" while staring at my phone. Nevertheless, I did the usual morning routine.
  1. Tingin sa mirror to check my "bed" hair.
  2. Kuha ng towel.
  3. Pasok sa banyo para maligo.
  4. Labas sa banyo.
  5. Check my out of shower look.
  6. Wore some clothes.
  7. Final check at the mirror.
  8. Ate some food.
  9. Brushed my teeth.
  10. Rode the car.
  11. Plugged my earphones, then went to SLEEP.
After an hour or so, I arrived at Taft. Got out of the car, and looked for a place to kill some time before going to class. I found myself sitting on the floor outside my room, doing my homework for ACTBAS2 while listening to some lively beats from The Cataracs. SIPAG KO NO?!. NAT. LOL. After quite some time. The time for my class has arrived. The class stayed in the room expecting our professor to arrive in a few moments just to be enlightened with new knowledge regarding accounting. "SADLY", our professor didn't arrive in the room for more than 30 minutes. SO. What does that mean? FREE CUT.

Right after getting out of class. I tried to find someone who is on break at that time. I spotted some people in GP and chilled with them for a few minutes till the time for my next class comes. And viola! 11:20 came and I found myself sitting in my classroom for ECONONE. for this class, we just met with our group mates for the whole term for the first quarter of the class then listened to a long but meaningful lecture about the Opportunity Cost and the other Economic stuff.

ECONONE ended without me noticing the time. We went to our next class as soon as we left the room. For ENGLstRES, we only did some stuff for our paper. What stuff is it? it's the choosing of the Topic of the research paper. And mine is something that goes like.

Advertising Strategies of Selected Products among Online Businesses

I chose this topic because I have some background with such businesses since I was exposed to most of them due to my involvement with "SEOULARIS HOLIDAY BAZAAR". For my other choices, they were talking about "RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT" and "NETWORKING". I didn't choose those two because I think I won't have enough sources which talks about them. Oh, Guess what!. I got a perfect score with today's exercise. LOL. After getting the approval of my professor I went out immediately. This was like my first and maybe my last early dismissal. I was already out at around quarter to 2.

Since I was out early. I went to Agno to meet some friends. Talked with them for a short while then chilled at SJ walk since my friend Mark requested to chill somewhere else. We spotted a number of cute froshies, and some gorgeous upper-years. It was quite a fun and thrilling way of killing a lot of time. Till we saw our friend, Jayson, whom we asked to play DoTA. LOL.

We played at the SNAP, located at the New University Mall. I was quite surprised with the MANY changes that happened at that mall. First of all, I didn't see the drinking areas that we used to frequent when we were still first years. Next is that it is a lot brighter compared to the previous UM. Another observation of mine is that, THERE WERE A LOT OF CUTE AND DELICIOUS EYE-CANDIES wandering in the mall! Though there were mostly restaurants and some Computer-related stalls and no Clothing store inside the University Mall, I was really surprised that there were a LOT of beautiful students inside there. Moving on, when we played DoTA. We pawned our enemies! Though it was a little bit shaky from the start of the first game, we still won that round due to the intense teamwork we had. For the second and last round, we completely destroyed our opponents! LOL. We totally enjoyed the two games, from which I didn't expect that I would be able to play well since I haven't had any proper preparations for a serious game, so I used my usual Game Name, "sabaw plays", which literally means, "sabaw plays". LOL.

After the game, I decided to eat at World Chicken. 
World Chicken @ University Mall
Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce and Asian Noodles
My friend Mark tagged along by the way, and ate some side dish.
Potato with Bacon bits
After our meal, BOOM! We saw an ANGEL. Her features are *TOOOOOOT*. LOL. She will forever be buried into the my mind and of my friend's. Anyways. We went back to campus since our friend Jayson was already out and was already in the mood to go home. So we met with him at the Amphitheater, and went to his car that is parked at the Andrew Building.

This Thursday was like the very first Happy Thursday which I didn't go home semi-drunk, or tipsy. We got "high" due to the simple things that we did for the duration of the day and not due to the influence of any sort of alcohol. LOL. A really weird Thursday for me, if you truly know what my typical Thursday is. LOL.

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