Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday Chillin'.

Went out yesterday. It was only supposed to be a day spent at school; listening to the seminar then rest at a cafe while sippin' some coffee. After-which, travel back home and sleep for the rest of the day. But that was too boring. LOL. I'd rather do something that I've missed for the whole week. "ALAK".

So to start this story of mine. Let's set the venue at Starbucks found along Taft Avenue. This is where I ate a Belgian Waffle and drank a Grande-sized Mocha Frappucino. It was quite a "sweet" meal because everything has some sort of sugar or milk in it.
Belgian Waffle with Whipped Cream and Caramel Syrup on Top and  Grande Mocha Frappucino
Oh! I have another reason for eating at Starbucks by the way. I've completed the stickers for their Starbucks Planner Promo last Wednesday. Sadly, they were out-of-stock when I came to pick up my Planner, so I had to wait till yesterday so that I can have my own Starbucks Planner.
Silver Starbucks Planner 2011
After eating my lunch, I had to go to my ENGLRES seminar, at the Andrew Building. It was quite boring but thanks to my iPhone, I was able to survive the 3 hours of boredom at that seminar. I left early, because the seminar was getting quite dull already. After leaving the seminar, I didn't have any sort of plan to do. Knowing that it was a Friday, I got too lazy to go home so I tried contacting a number of friends. Some of them were already somewhere else *ehem* "Sinulog" *ehem*. And most of them were  quite busy. Fortunately, Poch was game to drink. I tried bringing my friend, Mark with me so that I could cut my taxi fare by half, but he wasn't available that time. 

So I had to go to West Ave. alone and meet up with them. I arrived there at around past 3. We spent some time at the Kapunan Residence. Got to watch some really old anime, football, and some random shows when we were browsing through the channels. What interested me is the Anonymous Japanese MV that we saw. It was quite awesome and the MVs of the Philippine Music Scene are far from the one that we saw. LOL.

I'll skip the dull parts of the day and head straight down to business. We started at around 5 or 6 in the afternoon. Got to play some Pool while gulping down some Empi-Lights. It was Nasty. Never really liked the after-taste of hard drinks so I had to drink some chaser to refresh my taste buds. After some shots we had to take a short break. We got hungry. LOL. Poch asked for her maids to bring out some food. They brought out a plateful of rice, some Sinigang na Baka, and a number of hotdogs. We pigged out on em as soon as it got placed on the table.

After eating, we got back to drinking. Poch asked 2 of their drivers to join us. It was quite fun drinking with the drivers you know. You'll be quite entertained by their stories and their ways of playing some games. We even taught them how to play Poker. LOL. We are such Bad Influences. When they have understood the gist of the mechanics and some playing styles in poker, Kaps and Sugay came.
JR, Sugay and Poch
We played a few hands for poker. Luckily I won the two rounds of 40 pesos, and lost a round of 20 pesos. Making me win a total of 60 pesos. LOL. It was an achievement for me. I usually lose a lot when it comes to playing poker with real money at stake. So yeah, we just chilled right after playing poker and just spent the remaining minutes talking to one another, sharing some stories and the like. Just like the usual chilling', we get together whenever we've got free time to relieve some stress or to simply spend some time with great company.

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