Friday, January 21, 2011

45 Pesos.

This week was quite a stressful and joyful week. The requirements for my subjects are starting to get heavier and heavier. For starters, let me briefly update the status of my Academics. My BEHAORG is still so-so because it is more of the analysis of behavior occurring in an organization, we only have to keep the various terms and its corresponding definitions in out minds. The BUSMATH on the other hand is making my workload very heavy. We are starting to be poured on with a LOT of formulas to recall. For my CBESTA2 on the other hand, my hands are always feeling like its gonna go off my arm, every time this subject ends. We are always writing a LOT of stuff and to make it worse, our professor keeps on writing until the bottom of the Blackboard, which forces us to stand-up in class even if we are supposed to be sitting down on our chairs. 

My Accounting is starting to give out a lot of entries and terminologies that we need to remember. I always had to run up to the 8th floor every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:10 till 11:20 to catch the attendance of my ECONONE class. I promised myself that I won't be late nor be absent to any of my classes so I have to bear with this hurdle. Nevertheless, The discussions for this class is quite interesting but at the same time very confusing since our professor is more of the "discuss" type rather than the usual "write and discuss" type. Right after being dismissed for my ECONONE class, here comes ENGLRES. This subject is still manageable at the moment since we are not yet focusing in doing our papers. But since I have quite a heavy load, I'll be doing some steps ahead of time to lessen my work load a little bit. Then comes my favorite subject for this term. PERSEF2. Our professor is quite cool for discussing a lot of stuff regarding a lot of issues that us students are currently experiencing. Also, he gave us an alternative task for our final paper, which is to do him a favor of getting 3 survey results for his research. Quite neat right? and to add more cream on top, he also gave us a free-cut next meeting so that we'll have time to do some contacting of possible people who'll answer the survey.

Phew! That was a little too long for an update. Anyways. Let's look at the brighter side of this week. I was able to get some incentives on my BUSMATH quiz for answering a fairly easy question. I was also able to cope up with the pacing of my classes, making me feel like i'm on top of the world. Speaking of being on top of the world, LMFAO was in the Philippines yesterday. LOL. Seriously. They partied at Republiq, and some of my friends were able to meet and greet them. How I envy those guys. LOL. Enough with being bitter on LMFAO.

I got a semi-chill and semi-hard situation the whole week. I tried to survive the week with only a hundred a day. And to my surprise, I was able to survive it! ACHIEVEMENT! I usually spend around 200-300 a day before. Due to consistent diligence(?) and discipline(?) I was able to live a day with only a base amount of 45 Pesos. That's 3 Cups of Ice Coffee to be Exact. One for the morning, One for lunch, and another for my Afternoon-break or Dismissal drink. I was really amazed that I was able to do this achievement. Even though i hadn't ate some food for the past days, I think, this type of routine could cut some pounds from my body. Considering the facts that I am going on a Main-Andrew-Main Class schedule on Tues-Thurs. and do a little bit of roaming around DLSU during Mon-Wed. I think I would be able to lose around 5-10 pounds in a few more days of doing this routine. What more if I start jogging at Enrique again? LOL. I know it is still quite impossible to jog as of the moment since I am doing everything possible to have good grades this term. But I Promise. I'll be doing a lot of cardio once I get to have a lot of free time. Tee-Hee!

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