Thursday, February 3, 2011


It's been a while since my last post. Didn't have some time to compose a short blog in the past weeks due to the sudden increase with the work loads of my subjects. Had to be quite a diligent student in order to survive the increase in my loads. Due to the change in my daily routine from being chill, to being serious, it made me quite stressed. I had quite a lot of sleepless nights these past days. But fortunately, I was able to release some of those piled up stress through spending some quality time with some good companions of mine.

Drinking a number of bottles of alcohol without thinking of the workload waiting at home was really quite an enjoyable moment. Having some friends with you who are game to join you in drinking added a lot of spice on that night. To top it off, seeing my friend making his move on this certain Miss T. was quite a fun scene to watch. LOL. This night also made my iPhone's camera stuck on this certain image. TUS much?

Stuck at the Base of Red Horse
Anyways. Since it is already the month of love, I'd like to update my status as a member of SMP. SMP meaning, "Samahang Malamig ang Pebrero" or the Group of people with a "cold" February. LOL. It's always like this when the month of February approaches. I am always alone. Despite the happening of the Chinese New Year, I didn't feel any "happy" or "joyous" event this past days. Except for my haircut maybe. LOL.

Since I am not that mentally prepared to write another blog, I think i'll end this blog with a simple quote.

"There are millions of stars up in the sky, But only one star has caught my eye. Despite it's weak and unnoticeable light, It's unique sparkle has attracted me. Reaching that star is a difficult task, Nevertheless, no matter how hard or far that star maybe, I'll always strive in order to reach that one and only star that caught my eye."  

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