Monday, February 14, 2011


There goes another Valentines Day. Saw a lot of couples staying strong and forming a lot of memorable fragments of their relationships today. But, being just an observer during days like this kinda feels a little bit dull. I really wanted to do at least a semi-special thing for all the other "independent" *ehem* SINGLE *ehem* people out there. Even if it's just a simple handing out of roses or chocolates to them, I think it would let them feel more happy and less lonely. I know i have done this act last week with a large "STAR" on me, but theres this special aura during Valentines that makes this modus somewhat different.

Well, speaking from the side of the singles, receiving a little gift would really mean something. It may be of various sizes or forms, it may even be just a plain note stating "HAPPY VALENTINES!". Being able to receive something, especially from the closest guys/ladies in a person's circle of friends, can bring a certain type of joy that could even make the "NUMB" ones shed a tear *ehem* *ehem*. 

What i am trying to pinpoint is that, Valentines is not really limited to those lovey-dovey couples walking down the streets. Valentines can be a day for all the singles out there, including me, to do something that would make their "VALENTINES" special. Let's say, singing love songs to a crowd or to your friends, giving out roses to all the people walking in the streets or corridors., or even helping your friends set-up a surprise for their spouses. It's up to you to decide on whether you'll just sulk around  in some corner or lift your heads up high while wearing a smile on your face during Valentines. As for me, I stayed the same, the one who keeps on teasing a number of his friends on their plans for today while doing a lot of studying for a hell lot of quizzes waiting for me.

And now, here I am, reading a lot of tweets and status updates from YM and facebook on how great their Valentines was. The main reason on why I suddenly got the urge to write a little something for the Valentines, or the S.A.D or the so-called Independence Day, or.. Whatever. I just hope that what ever you people did today, will probably be a whole lot better in the following years.

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