Saturday, February 19, 2011


This week has been one of the most tiring yet a fun week at the same time. Never thought engaging in various road trips, activities and sessions would be this strenuous. And to add more spice on top, this week also gave me loads of pains and injuries on various parts of my body, but who cares? As long as I get to experience those activities while I'm still quite young, I'd be more than happy to suffer a sprain or two.

Last Tuesday, February 15, We had LEAP Classes. Students got scattered all over the metro. Some went to their respective classes, Some ditched those classes and made their own LEAP of their lives. As for me, I went to Mall of Asia. Not to shop or be on watch to spot some chicks. But to spend around 3 hours learning how to Ice Skate. Yeah, thats right. I literally TRIED to learn how to Ice Skate. Fortunately with the help of some professionals,  experienced friends and of course, a number of falling on your butt due to failure. I was able to get the gist of how to skate. ACHIEVEMENT! But despite the feeling of fulfillment, I had to go home with a very sore body and a semi-wasted mind as my trophy for being able to Ice Skate properly.

Next was the GV night at the house of a good friend of mine. We usually drink some Hard liquor or beer whenever we come over his place, but that night was a little bit different. We drank the so-called PJ Mix. It was so good that when I got home, I was knocked out immediately. LOL. I really didn't expect that drink to hit me that hard but analyzing the contents of that drink carefully, A normal person would really get drunk immediately after a shot or two of that mix. We also talked about what plans can be done for the approaching birthday of one of us. Man, the plans that we talked about really got me excited since it will be another new experience for me if that dude were to push through with the plan.

So much for skating and drinking, let's move on to what happened today. Today, February 19, we went to Laguna in order to have an ECOTREK. Though the ride going to the venue was quite long and tiring, especially if you're group got lost in a place where you are really unfamiliar with, the experience we had gained was worth the ride.  We did a lot of fun games and enjoyed the harmonious ambiance of the environment. We also got to experience swimming in a "lukewarm" pool which was supposed to be a Hot Spring. LOL. We also had done a Photo shoot at the venue, it was really a memorable experience since it was my first ECO-TREK with my Organization. Since this day was quite action-packed, I currently have a sprain on my feet. LOL. Despite the injuries I incurred, this experience was still definitely worth getting a sprain for!

Happy Birthday Mom! :D

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