Sunday, February 27, 2011


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We watched the Pyromusical competition last night at MoA. I was with Poch, Issa and her family that night. It was quite an awesome experience to watch a Fireworks display up-close than at some place far-away. It is also somewhat relieving since I just finished my midterms for accounting during that day. That's a minus one from all the worries that I currently have. It was thanks to this certain couple who gave me this wicked pass to an area where there is no crowded space and was in-fact very spacious.

After watching the mouth-opening fireworks display, we had a little drink at Gweilos bar. Despite some anger issues that occurred, it was still an amazing night. Being a single guy with a couple made my night a little bit depressing, but comedic at the same time. Why comedic? I really don't know. But if I were to assess the way I act whenever I am with a couple, I just tend to act a little exaggerated. Like whenever the couple I'm with does their stuff, I always look somewhere far away with this smug expression on my face. And the couple I'm with just finds it hilarious. LOL. 
I've also re-discovered something. It was really a cold February for me. What made my night worse, was the Love songs being played by the live band. Almost all of the songs they played hits me hard. Just then I realized, that I really am part of the SMP. Samahang Malamig ang Pebrero. 
Well, so much for the bitter rant. Going back to the drinking session at Gweilos. Kaps and Kyle came after an hour or so. Had a lot of laughs due to the stories being made here and there. Like how Kyle suddenly sang or when Issa suddenly cried due to the pranks of the Kapunans. LOL. It was really an epic night.
After some time to let the booze out of our systems, we left Gweilos to go to Poch's car at Microtel. While walking, the Kapunans discussed on my new name. Yes, you read it right. a New Name. LOL. I really broke out a big laugh at that time. Didn't expect to receive that name. What name is it? SECRET! XD

To sum it all up, Fireworks plus an epic drinking session with the greatest company really makes the weekend feel like there's nothing to be worried about.

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