Friday, December 3, 2010

"HAPPY" Thursday.

Today's a Thursday, in Taft it's your typical "do everything then go get wasted" type of day. I'm sure most of those students in Taft have had their shares of "broken" moments in places such as "The Beach House" or "Green Place" or at the recently opened drinking place, "Rooftop". Well, this is the so-called Happy Thirstday/Thursday in Taft. 
Too bad, today is a Hellish day for me. I had quizzes in all of my subjects today. Namely, ACTBAS1, COMP1BU and BUSMATH. I had no choice but to be a "GOOD" student for today. If I didn't did all those studying, I can bid farewell to this ELITE School beside Taft Avenue. LOL. I just hope that I get at least a passing grade. This day was really hectic. Can't even break a few smiles without forgetting to read my notes and prepare for my quizzes.
Too bad, doing the Typical Happy Thursday won't be possible for this and the following weeks. I need to be recharged well since I'll be really tired with this weekend's venture at SEOULARIS BAZAAR. Plus, I'll be having my finals in the next few weeks, so I gotta get wasted with reading and studying like hell instead of plunging into the drunken world of those "sawi" people.

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