Wednesday, December 8, 2010


GRABE. I never had a very tiring weekend since the time when i was still boxing. I had to run back and forth, carry lots of stuff, and guard our belongings while having only an hour or 2 of rest. Didn't expect that the activity that i participated in would be this tiring.

@ SMX Convention Center
The activity that I'm talking about is the "SEOULARIS: My Seoul in Paris" Bazaar. It's the event which me and my co-CENCOMMs have been preparing for three months.
Though there were lots of hurdles that blocked our smooth ride to our goal of providing a unique and incredible experience, not only to the shoppers and tenants, but also to us Organizers. We faced quite a lot of ordeals; from hearing bad comments and complaints, to experiencing technical difficulties with the contractor and the like. 
The pressure being poured down on us reached a level wherein some of us got quite hot-headed, and vented out some steam on us. I know it's really quite a heavy load to handle, and honestly, I am part of the reason why some of us got quite "hot" and had to release some steam onto our team. But what can I do? My body won't listen to what my mind has planned. LOL.

SEOULARIS Organizers
Nevertheless, even if we had to face a lot of hurdles, I believe that our team did a great job in handling those issues that blocked our way. Judging from the responses that I have read and received, which are mostly positive by the way, I believe that our bazaar was definitely a success. I hope that with the great feedback and intense support that our event has received, It will continue until the following events that BMS will organize.

KUDOS Seoularians~ till the next CENCOMM!

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