Saturday, July 16, 2011

DLSU Plank.

This afternoon, My school, DLSU (De La Salle University) lost their 2nd game in the UAAP League against their long rival, ADMU (Ateneo De Manila University). Though it was a little bit depressing to hear that my school is on a losing streak, Some random dude was able to lighten up my mood. 

Lasallian Plankers at Taft
Whoever this made this note on one of the Freedom Walls in DLSU was definitely not sad with the Loss of his School. Instead, he was able to find some sort of inspiration to bring back the recently "banned" activity of some group of students a few days ago. As Stated in the note, It is the so called "Planking". LOL.

Plank at Agno
Though the Planking in DLSU has just started, the Discipline Officers acted immediately to stop this activity, For them the students doing this activity is somehow degrading the image of DLSU, but for me, I think its the other way around. I believe that the students who are able to "Plank" inside the campus, over some sort of object are just expressing their selves in a form of lying on some bench, floor or somewhere else. Just like how people express their selves in Art. I also believe that there is no specific article in our student handbook that "Planking is strictly prohibited", so I really do think that the "planking" activity of the said group of students should be allowed. Just speaking whats on my mind. LOL.

Lasallian Planker at MoA
*CREDITS TO: DLS-CSB Planking Facebook Page for the Photos

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