Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Food Trip.

My friend CJ, with the one and only, Solenn Heussaff
This past weeks were quite tiresome. Been very busy with my Academics and doing some work with my org. Good thing, there is always a good friend of mine who is most of the time, in the mood to venture all over the metro to G some foods. Well, I guess this certain day was quite special compared to the previous food-ventures that we've had. My friend, CJ was able to meet and chat a little with Solenn Heussaff. LOL. How I wish I was able to be at his bar on time when Solenn was still there.

After the glorious meeting with Solenn, My friend was really in the mood to go on a Food Trip. Well, knowing me, I wouldn't let any food trip opportunity pass by not unless I really can't come due to some unforeseen circumstances. To start the night, We tried the recently opened bar near Gypsy Burger.

Top Lane's Burger
This burger is one of the best burgers which I have tasted. The patty was really well-cooked and the veggies were truly fresh and had some crisp with em, It made the over-all appeal of Top Lane's burger better. To top it off, adding some wasabi-mayo on this burger. GOD. I felt something like riding a trip to burger paradise. LOL. 

After letting the burger somehow digest in our stomach. We drank some beer at Gypsy Burger. After which, we went straight to the next venue for the night. JT's Manukan. A brand new discovery for me. Didn't know that a restaurant of that caliber was just standing near my High School. They have their certain way of cooking their Chicken Inasal. I was truly mesmerized when I was eating at this restaurant. LOL

As for the next blog. It will be another post realated to foods. :> YUMMEH

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