Monday, June 27, 2011


A few days ago, there was a tropical typhoon that struck Manila. It was the typhoon Falcon. Yeah, sort of comedic since we are called the "Green Archers". Lots of puns using "Falcon" and the "Green Archer" mascot were made. Like "Green Archers, Shoot that Falcon down!". Seriously though. How I wished it was that easy to do that sort of pun in real life. Why? because it was somewhat of a hassle to be stuck in school you know. Especially if you are dead tired and just want a few hours of sleep on your cozy bed. LOL.

So basically, what I'm trying to get at is that, I was stranded in my school a few days ago. It was kind of stressful since I had to contact a few of my brothers, my mom, and my dad, one after the other. I was on the verge of braving the flood along Taft just to get home when i suddenly received a confirmation from both my mom and dad that I could stay at DLSU for the night. 

Stranded DLSU Students at the MBS Chapel
I  was sort of glad and a little bit worried of that go signal from my parents. Glad sine I don't have to brave the flood along Taft with some unknown life-forms swimming here and there, worried because I had to spend the night at school, and that would make my parents worried. NUX. HAHA. Just as the old saying go, "A Family that stays together, will be together forever" :D HAHA! Anyways. A picture at the left side shows how many students of DLSU got stranded that night. We almost filled the MBS Chapel and most of the stranded guys were the people in Yellow. :D LOL
Stranded CSO people at LS209

After getting some reminders and instructions at the MBS Chapel, we went to the room where we are gonna spend the night. Well, I joined my friends from CSO at LS209. They were quite a unique crowd because despite knowing that there is a storm outside, they were still able to play Charades. They were truly a fun bunch to be with. Well, they were also game at exploring DLSU at around 2:30 am. They even tried hunting for ghosts at the Mutien Marie Hall.

That Stranded Night at DLSU truly was a very memorable experience despite all the stress and fatigue that we have gone through. :D

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