Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Quite a long time sine the last blog eh~ Anyways, I've been very busy this past days. Ever since I got home from Hawaii, my work has been piling up on top of each other. First it was just some small tasks for my friends, then became a little bit heavier due to the additional duties for the Committee that I have joined in School. And to make it worst, the load of Academics are starting to get me quite exhausted.

Annual Recruitment Week CenComm
At first I did not expect that this would get this exhausting. But I won't make any violent reactions regarding this matter, instead I think I'm starting to like this type of workload. Besides having to do some financial stuff for my current committee, I also have to keep up with my academics, especially since I have some troublesome subjects this term. Oh well. I think it will be quite a long time for the next blog since I will most probably be busy with school works and some other tasks with my personal life.

I would at least try to post some stuff regarding some momentous happenings and some blog-worthy (for me :D ) events which will happen in this year.

Till the next blog then~

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