Saturday, May 7, 2011


Ram is home after spending 10 days at Hawaii! It surely was a great experience to have, going to somewhere cool yet the sun was high up in the sky, surfer dudes a bikini babes all over the place, TONS of foods served at every restaurant, and to top it off, a grand vacation in the Paradise of Hawaii with none other than your own family.  Didn't expect that my stay in Hawaii would not only satisfy my hunger for adventures, but also quench my thirst for eye-candies. The View all over Hawaii was so spectacular. Especially if you are on the lookouts at the mountains or just by chilling at a nearby cafe and gaze upon the white and sandy beaches of the island.

I spent quite a lot of money from the stuff I bought, but it was quite alright though, the prices at Hawaii was quite lower than the prices of products here in the Philippines. I shopped for some clothes, accessories, foods, coffees, and the most expensive of it all, the iPad 2. LOL. We were able to buy the last 2 pieces of the iPad 2 on the island! Achievement to the nth level~ Haha! but nevertheless, all the stuff that we bought were quite pricey but not too pricey compare to the prices in the Philippines. 

We also met with some friends of my dad. They treated us with the best hospitality you could ever have, and they also toured us around the island during their breaks from their work. I sincerely thank them for going so far as to treat us some lunch and dinners at some high class restaurants. We also met some of our relatives who were already based at Hawaii, and they are already successful at their fields over there. Especially my Grand-dad over there, he owns a 2009 Corvette ZR1, 2010 Hummer 2, a Mercedes Benz M-class and some other cars which are parked in the garage of his house. Phew, wish I was as rich as him to buy all those luxury cars.

Anyways to sum it all up! I am currently experience some jet-lag, due to making this blog right after getting off the plane after that 10 hour flight. LOL.

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