Sunday, April 24, 2011


This summer is surely one of the most memorable summer I ever had. Different kinds of good news keeps on coming. Some were related to my school, and the others were with my friends. I got some news that I will be an assistant head for a team in one of the big projects in DLSU, then I received some good vibes regarding my grades. Man, it gave me quite a shock when I heard those big news. Not only did it make me feel very relieved, it also made me feel excited and confident. Knowing that I'll be playing quite a role in this project, I'll have to be more than prepared to face any problems and find the necessary solutions for those situations.

As for my activities with my friends, its Batangas part 2 Baby! Now with a different group of friends, and this group is definitely one of the most wicked group of young adults. I know that this trip will not only be exciting, but also LEGENDARY! Nevertheless, expectations aside, I hope that our trip to Batangas will not only inmprove our friendships with one another but also open some space to clear all the misunderstandings and questions that we have to each other.

I hope that this inflow of opportunities will not stop for quite some time. I, as a person, would definitely want to experience MORE stuff before hitting the age of 21! XD

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