Friday, April 15, 2011

So far, So good.

Spending the first week of summer in and out of the metro was a little bit tiring but every second of those moment were worth the effort. So far I've been at Ilocos, Makati, Katipunan, Quezon City, Tagaytay, and Batangas. Spent a minimum of a day in each of those places. Man, who would've guessed that I will be able to ride such an adventure.

My trip to Ilocos this summer was one of the most unbelievable ones ever since we I went there when I was younger. Who would not feel so fly when you get to breeze through the security of NAIA as a VIP and receive a tight security as soon as you arrive at the Laoag International Airport? LOL. Then as we thought that we will be able to rest at our house at Ilocos, we did a turn to the river bordering Sarrat and Sta. Rosa, and be greeted by bottles of Emperador Light and Chivas Regal. Man, that was really worth the flight!

After which we spent the next day resting and going from one place to another, like how we spent an afternoon at Robinsons Laoag then went straight to the Fair at Sta. Rosa where my brother started gambling and lost quite a lot of cash. LOL. Our last day at Ilocos was fairly similar to our second day over there, we spent the whole morning chilling at our House at Sta. Rosa then spent the afternoon at our dad's office at Sarrat. Another VIP moment at that place by the way, LOL. We went home at around 630 in the evening through riding the plane. Then arrived at Manila at around 730. Ate our late dinner at Bacolod Inasal located at McKinley Hill(am I correct?), and finally reached our home a few minutes before 12.

The latest escapade which was at Batangas was one of the most memorable amongst my trips so far. I got to be part of a new group of young adults and make a few memorable antics with them. Well, we started fairly early since we had to meet up by 6 at Taft then spend an hour and a half to reach Tagaytay. We spent around 2-3 hours there waiting for our companions who were still at Manila. Then we drove another 2-3 hours just to reach Stilts resort at Batangas. Man, It was rather a lengthy drive but It was definitely worth it. 

We did a lot of fooling around, cooking our own food, drinking while the sun was still high and up in the sky, swam under the intense heat, took a lot of vain pictures and probably one of the best part of the trip was me getting buried under the sand. LOL. Though we weren't able to take silhouette shots during the sunset, I guess the view we saw that afternoon will surely be burned in our minds because it was one hell of a ride to reach that place.  We ended the trip with a refreshing shower, and probably sleeping through the lengthy drive from Batangas to Manila.

Such trips won't be possible if I didn't let my self to be open to a new set of ideas and network. And looking at the upcoming trips, I can say that my escapades so far, and so good~
Oh well, While waiting for the days of my flights to come I guess I'll just work my ass off to learn how to drive some of our cars~

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