Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sense of Freedom.

HA! after spending hours and hours of studying over the past week, I am finally free from the my academics! Never thought that I would be able to spend quite a lot of time hitting the books instead of my laptop or my brother's PSP or reading some novels. Knowing me, One would rather see me joking around a lot instead of taking things seriously. LOL. But to break other's impression on me, I FORCED myself to withstand all those studying that I did for all those Math subjects that I have. I think all my sacrifice and hard work has finally paid because I think I did fairly well on all of my Finals exam!

Right after my last test, I was like. "IT'S SUMMERTIME~!" and having a little info about what my summer would be like, I got more excited! I'll be out of the metro most of the time, sometimes i'll be in our province, or at some random area with a nice beach *ehem* Palawan *ehem, or at another country full of dancing ladies with only straw skirts and a background music of "Pearly Shells". LOL. I'm already so hyped-up to spend this summer full of adventures!

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