Sunday, March 27, 2011


Over the past weeks, I got to be part of some of my friend's weekly shoots. I got to act, as in legit acting, not my usual senseless acting, in her project. I got most of the random roles such as the following:
  1. the guy who suddenly shouts at a building
  2. a very vain person who suddenly drinks water or removes his glasses
  3. some guy who is chillin' then a random person approaches me just to join me stare at the sea
  4. a guy who was caught peeing on a plant
  5. an impersonator of Nikki Gil's CF for Coca Cola
  6. etsetera. etsetera.

Man, looking back to my performance on those random and quite unusual roles, I think I really did a great job. LOL. I'm not trying to boast about my acting skills but, it's some kind of an Ego boost when you know within yourself that you were able to act in a video and produce something quite surprising despite the fact that you are only doing small roles. But recently, This friend of mine made some kind of a short film. It was some kind of a Drama with an unexpected twist. And guess what. I was the "MAIN" dude this time. LOL. It was thanks to the condition of my other friend that made it possible for me to act as the Protagonist a short film.

Well, At first I was quite excited when I heard I'm gonna be the protagonist, but when I learned about the plot or the story of the short film I was like.. "ARAY..". It was kind of ironic. The story of the film was QUITE.. hrmm, no.. was VERY similar to my love life. LOL. If you truly are one of my closest friends, you'll know about this story of mine. So, Upon learning of the inconvenient story of the sort film, I decided to just bear with that kind of plot. Well, since we are already there, it would be such a waste if we don't do what we came for right? 

In this instance, I have learned that in life, some things, situations or even problems, should just be faced head-on, one won't be able to move forward if he'll always avoid such situations. Whether this situations would incur him some scars, or some medals, what matters is that, You as a person, confronted all those situations and handled yourself the way you wanted to. Because in the end, you will also be able to say, 

"Wow, now that's one fish-bone off my throat!"

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