Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last two weeks of suffering under the hellish loads of academics! Will finally be able to loosen up a lot! SUMMERTIME is coming! I'll seriously engage into a lot of activities this summer, like working out, partying, drinking, sports, concerts, road trips, adventures, dancing, and a whole lot more! Will probably not be able to gain any "GOOD" sleep since i'll be out most of the time.
Speaking of being out, By late April, I'll be out of the country for like, a week or so? Will be in Hawaii to spend some chill vacation with the fam-bam! after which, upon returning from that tropical paradise, will probably hit the road with a few friends towards Batangas or Laguna, YEAH! and hopefully, our last stop will be Boracay or Bohol at around the middle of May. One thing is for sure, I'll be getting darker than ever! LOL!
I am truly excited to hit SUMMER already! I know this summer won't be the same as last year's, because this year's summer will be more EPIC and SPECIAL!! 

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