Thursday, October 18, 2012

BDJ Fair 2012

Just this sunday, me and some friends from my organization volunteered for the fair of Belle De Jour. It was quite weird for me at first since the brand was known to be specifically for women, but knowing that Georgina Wilson would be guesting at the event. AHA! All my doubts disappeared and gladly participated in this fair. 

I signed up for the afternoon shift and to my surprise, my friends who took the morning shift got into some sort of conflict. LOL. Good thing though, my batch was ozum. Despite being assigned into the Loot Bag packing team, it was enjoyable with all those awesome people we worked with. There were people from UST, UP and DLSU, or also known as the teams that ADMU defeated during the recently concluded UAAP Basketball competition. (see what i did there? LOL)

Anyways, our team managed to finish a LOT of packages. To the point that we finished packing all the remaining magazines and other stuff thus making our team enjoy the benefit of being released earlier compared to the other volunteers. Meaning, we had time to enjoy the fair and abuse the photo booth!! HAHA! But we really did abuse the photo booth since we did a major delay in the line~ LOL! Apologies to those guys who got stuck in the line because of our vanity~

To make the long story short, We packed the whole afternoon, got released early, and enjoyed our Sunday at the BDJ Fair 2012 :D Looking forward to next year's fair, I hope BDJ would invite my school once again! XD

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