Monday, October 1, 2012


Photograph taken from: Coast Hills Running Club

Ever had that urge to just leave everything you are carrying behind and run to wherever your feet would take you? or just start to run during times of confusion, hoping that by moving your whole body you are able to think more clearly and find the answers that you seek? 

There are times wherein one would get those urges. It may suddenly pop out due to varying reasons, you just have to follow your instincts and start moving your legs, you can even start by walking, and slowly gain your pace to start running. Personally, I find these urges in times of great depression, confusion and weakness. I know that "running" would not give me the solutions to the problems I am facing, its just that through running, I am able to start something new within this body of mine. It's like having myself engage into a totally new world. The feeling of having sweat all over your body, blood rushing to your head, muscles feeling pain, harder breathing with every step, and the rising beats of the heart, simply makes me feel entranced. By moving my body, I am able to think more clearly, and be more open to the different issues pertaining to the different aspects of life. 

Running makes me enter this world wherein I can just step away from all the problems and harsh realities of the world. It makes me feel a sensation that clears my thoughts and makes me focus on the important things. I personally do not know why this happens, it just occurs naturally as I move from 1 step to another.

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